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I feel that for so much work done I have so little to show. This is because I owe money to Amazon. I am the cliché of letting an unused experiment run on and on until my free Amazon cash ran out and my debit card balance was depleted after four months. Two accounts. About $200 total. Not really that bad of a hit. Except I’m broke and can’t pay right now. There are stories of unexpected charges mostly to students who also can’t pay. To whom $900 is a lot of money. Not complaining, just pointing it out. So me not paying Amazon means that my, let’s say “classic”, sites, which included my insightful blogs and engaging portfolio — oh and my dissertation — remain off the Internet. Un-run. Un-seen. Un-crawled. Un-loved.

This is my attempt to pull some of the pieces of my career and passions back together. This is my attempt to provide some document of what it meant to be me.

I don’t think I’ll have AWS host this time.

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For this story, I am using the Original Gangsta’, WordPress. WordPress is a content management system ( CMS). In this case the content being managed is blogs.

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